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Sylwia Starnawska


Dr. Sylwia E Starnawska joined the MBA team of School for Graduate Studies of SUNY Empire State University as an Assistant Professor from D’Youville College, Buffalo NY and in 2017, she was promoted to the Associate Professor rank. She serves as the Global Finance and Investment certificate coordinator.

She also held academic positions at University of Podlasie (Poland), Central Piedmont Community College and University of Phoenix (North Carolina). She was a Coordinator of the Bologna Process for creation of the European Higher Education Area and implementation of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), both supporting the Lisbon Strategy execution in the European Union. 

She received her MSc and PhD in Economics from Warsaw School of Economics (Poland), and MBA in Financial Management from University of Exeter in England (UK). 

Dr. Starnawska has over 10 years of successful international business experience in management of financial institutions, mainly MNCs. She was involved in international corporate finance, global capital markets and international investments.

The British Government recognized her with an award of scientific scholarship. Dr. Starnawska served for CNBC as a guest speaker and a professional marketing face from London (England). Dr. Starnawska also holds Investment Management Certificate required in the UK to manage global mutual funds.

Her research interests and publications focus on international financial markets; multinational strategic management; value-based management and shareholder value creation; global portfolio management.

She serves as an active reviewer for economics and finance textbooks, and academic papers and research for international conferences of the Academy of the International Business (AIB), and is a member of the American Economic Association (AEA), the American Finance Association (AFA), and the Financial Management Association (FMA).



  • M.S. in Economics/International Trade from Warsaw School of Economics
  • MBA in Financial Management from University of Exeter
  • Ph.D. in Economics, World Economy and International Business Strategy from Warsaw School of Economics


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