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Lynne Wiley

Lynne M. Wiley is Visiting Professor of Arts and Humanites at SUNY Empire State College.  Her scholarship focuses on issues in moral philosophy, as well as the intersection between ethics and higher education.  From 2008 - 2016 she was Associate Dean of the Genesee Valley Center of SUNY Empire State College.  Additional roles include Vice President of Hobart and William Smith Colleges; Associate/Interim Dean of St. Mary’s College of California; Research Associate at the University of California at Berkeley; and Director of Student Services at Cornell University.  She spent the 2001-01 year as an American Council on Education Fellow.  Throughout her career, Dr. Wiley has studied and taught in programs designed to blend the foundational values of the humanities with professional disciplines.  In addition to her work as a faculty member, Dr. Wiley has been responsible for institutional academic quality; curriculum development; new program development; strategic planning; program and institutional accreditation; learning outcomes assessment; full and part-time faculty recruitment; faculty professional development; and academic and student services.  


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