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Ivan Ivanov


Ivan Ivanov, Ph.D. is a Professor in Computer Science and Information Systems at State University of New York (SUNY), Empire State College since September 2003. 

In his formal education and career development, he has been fortunate to graduate from the best engineering institution in Bulgaria (Ph.D. (2000) and Master of Science in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (1979) from the Technical University at Sofia); to gain research fellowships in leading universities in Great Britain, Germany and France; to work in joint European IT projects with colleagues from United Kingdom, France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Greece and Italy; and to develop successful professional training at educational establishments in Bulgaria in cooperation with worldwide technology leaders. In 1996, the IT project he managed has been nominated among the top 25 IT projects in the world by IDC Group USA –Computerworld /Network World- for effective and innovative use of Networking Technologies. The project was one from the best and brightest Top 25 projects around the globe that is pushing the networking limits into innovative solutions and business value (along with other companies such as ABB, Amoco, Barclays, Benetton, FedEx, Peugeot, Swissair). In 2000, another IT project he was in charge of was acknowledged as a best technological solution in Education by the European Commission’s Higher Education Committee.

At Empire State College, he works with undergraduate and graduate students in face to face mentoring, in study groups and at a distance through the Internet and the College Learning Management System. He thoroughly enjoys working with students at all levels in broad areas of computer architecture and applications, information systems, data communications and networks, e-business technologies and project management. He is particularly interested in researching and working with students in emerging technologies that arouse business innovations and could advance students’ educational plans and career opportunities. 

His scholarly work is built upon wide range of competences within Advanced Computing Models, Cloud and Mobile Computing, Information Systems Design, Project Management, Information Technology Management, Business-IT Alignment and he is widely published in professional and scholarly journals and in international conference proceedings. In the last eight years, he was invited as a Keynote speaker for several international conferences in Barcelona and Seville, Spain; Amsterdam, the Netherlands; and most recently in Geneva, Switzerland. In his lectures he focused on Emerging Technologies such as Utility and Cloud Computing and their alignment to Business models and strategies. He also co-chaired several International Conferences on Cloud Computing and Services Science in the Netherlands, Portugal, and Switzerland. Dr. Ivanov served as Journal reviewer / Guest editor for the special section for Springer’s Cluster Computing Journal, and he published two books on Cloud Computing and Services Science with Springer where he is the leading editor. 

In 2012, Dr. Ivanov was awarded S.U.N.Y. Chancellor’s Medal for Excellence in Teaching.



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