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Elizabeth Bradley

Dr. Elizabeth Bradley is a Professor in the School for Graduate Studies at SUNY Empire State College. She has been teaching at SUNY Empire since 2009. Dr. Bradley received her Ph.D. in School Psychology from the University of Massachusetts (Amherst) and her B.A. in Clinical Psychology and French from Tufts University. Prior to teaching at Empire State College, Dr. Bradley worked as a school psychologist and conducted research in the areas of substance use interventions, child neuropsychology and school-based interventions for at risk youth. Over the past few years, Dr. Bradley has conducted research on simulations in teacher education. She has investigated a number of teacher training simulations, including those focused on classroom management, identifying at-risk students, plagiarism prevention and bullying prevention, and has presented and published these results at national teaching and psychology conferences and in peer-reviewed journals.


  • B.A. in Clinical Psychology, French from Tufts College
  • Ph.D. in School Psychology from University of Massachusetts Amherst


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