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Catherine Gleason

I began teaching college courses in 1982 at Northern Virginia Community College and continued at Hudson Valley Community College and Albany College of Pharmacy after moving back to New York in 1988. In 2004 I began my career at Empire State College and have performed a variety of roles, including teaching, research, and administration. In addition to teaching various Biology courses, some of my favorite activities are developing new courses and revising existing courses. Over the years I developed Genetics, Ornithology, Biology I, Biology II, and Genomics and You. Periodically, I have revised these courses, and I have also assisted with major revisions of many other Biology courses. I am an enthusiastic proponent of online education. I am proud to have been a part of the early introduction of online courses and proud to continue to be a part of their ongoing improvement. It has been gratifying to witness firsthand the effectiveness of online teaching tools on our students’ learning.


  • M.S. in Environmental Biology from George Mason University
  • B.A. in Biology from Oneonta - State University of New York


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