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Sue Epstein

Sue Epstein is an Associate Professor in the Division of Business at SUNY Empire State College. Sue’s research and service activities emphasize the dynamics of students’ work, personal and school responsibilities.  Her teaching focuses on leadership, in general, as well as the evolution, challenges and opportunities for women as leaders in the workplace.  Sue earned a BS from Cornell University, an MBA from New York University and her PhD from the University at Albany, SUNY.  



Epstein, S., & Faerman, S. (preparing for journal submission).  Developing and validating a measurement instrument for work-life dynamics using the Competing Values approach. 


Epstein, S., & Faerman, S. (under review). Both dilemmas and paradoxes: A Competing Values approach to work-life interactions.


Epstein, S. (in press).  Family-Supportive Supervisory Behaviors: Does Gender Matter? Business Horizons.


Epstein, S., Marler, J., & Taber, T. (2015). Managers’ family supportive behaviors: A multilevel perspective.  Organization Management Journal,12(2), 49-62

Awarded 2015 Best Research Paper 


  • B.S. in Business Economics from Cornell University
  • MBA in Marketing from New York University
  • Ph.D. in Organizational Studies from University at Albany - State University of New York