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Lisa Parkins


Mentor, Part-time and Visiting Assistant Professor, Arts and Media Department, School of Arts and Humanities In addition to teaching a full complement of Performing Arts, my course areas include Performance Studies, Music, Dance, and Educational Planning. Examples of individualized studies include Creating Solo Performance, History of Physical Theatre, World Music and Culture, Dance History, Performance Theory, and Critical Theory and the End of Noise. Areas of professional practice include interdisciplinary performance, adaptation and performance of literature, songwriting, and directing. Before entering academia, my background includes devising and directing as well as performance installation. My repertory of solo, duo, and ensemble pieces has been presented in the U.S. and Europe. In the community, I have staged original music-theatre works with youth in response to biography and contemporary issues. I have conducted theatre workshops with culturally isolated young adults, facilitating in the creation of non-linear performance works. My songwriting and audio recording practice includes original song cycles based on literary sources.



  • B.A. in Arts from Empire State College - State University of New York
  • M.F.A. in Theater from Sarah Lawrence College
  • Ph.D in Performance Studies from Northwestern University


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