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Heather Reynolds

Heather M. Reynolds, Ed.M., Ph.D. is a Professor of Teacher Education in the School for Graduate Studies at SUNY Empire State College. Dr. Reynolds has more than thirty years of experience working as a teacher, researcher, and a teacher educator where she has been focused on creating safe, engaging, and welcoming school and classroom environments. Her professional expertise and passion for education led her to serve on the Board of Education for the Saratoga Springs CSD from 2016-2019. Her most recent publications have tackled social justice and school safety as well as highlighting strategies for local district decision makers to work collaboratively with experts in the field to adopt data driven school safety programs and policies.  


  • Ph.D. in Education and Psychology from University of Michigan
  • Ed.M. in Human Development and Psychology from Harvard University
  • B.A. in Psychology from Cornell University


  • Arthur Imperatore Community Forum Fellowship (2021-2022 academic year)
  • The Jane W. Altes Prize for Exemplary Community Service (March 2021)


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